Free Lightroom Presets 2017

Welcome to The Creativv Shop’s selection of free Lightroom presets.  You’ll not only find develop presets in this category, but you’ll also find presets for things like Lightroom’s curves tool and exporting your images.

Presets are a great tool to have available as a photographer. Not only do they save you time in post-processing, but they can also be reverse-engineered to learn more about how different effects are achieved.

Please note that not all images are created equally, so you shouldn’t expect for every one of these free Lightroom presets to look great on all your photos upon first application. Cycle through presets to find the look you’re after and then dive into tweaking some settings to get the most out of your images.

Each of preset comes with instructions for installing, but if this is your first time downloading and want some more in-depth direction, check out our guide to installing Lightroom presets.

If you’ve downloaded all our free Lightroom presets and are hungry for more options, check out our premium Lightroom presets, preset packs, and preset bundles.