Today’s Lightroom preset is based on a few threads I spotted in the Lightroom subreddit. Users are always looking for advice on recreating styles of specific photographers, and moody forest photos come up often (styles like Dylan Furst & Spencer Cotton to name a couple). I enjoy taking my urban landscapes into moody territory, so I thought I’d try my hand at developing a preset for more natural landscapes.

The “Foliage” preset plays nicely with shots that are primarily green, so you’ll want to try it first on images of forests, rolling hills, mossy waterfalls, etc. I’ve also tested it on a number of other images and got clean results, so feel free to experiment.

A number of the outstanding forest photos you’ve probably seen include some sort of fog or haze. If you’re after that element, aim for taking the images early in the morning on overcast days. You could also add in some of that with Photoshop, but I’ll let you Google that yourselves if you’re interested.