The Puppy Chow Lightroom preset was developed around a recent shot taken of a puppy in a Seoul alley just before sunset. There was no harsh lighting, resulting in a clean original image to begin with.  The sunlight was peeking in through part of the image, so the preset aims to bring those colors out and deepen the darker tones in the image for a more moody vibe. The dog was tied up and seemed a bit lonely, so that’s the emotion we’re striving to convey

Since this preset was created around a specific image, don’t expect this to be a one-click preset for all of your images. Reference the “before” image on this page to get an idea of what types of lighting, colors, and exposure this preset will work well on. We’ve included a README file in the folder with this download that goes more in depth on what to check as far as settings if you aren’t happy with the result once you’ve applied it.

As always, if you have any issues or want some advice on how to tweak this preset to your images, feel free to email us or click the “Support” button at the bottom of this page.