If you’re an active Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed the increasing number of moody, urban photos being posted.  With help from curated accounts like @agameoftones, @moodygrams, @way2ill_, @artofvisuals, and @streetdreamsmag, this photography trend shows no signs of stopping.  While getting your shot set up in-camera properly is essential, post-processing plays an important role in taking the final image to another level entirely.

After releasing the Daylight Porter Pack, many of you responded positively to the ‘Straight Moody’ preset.  Taking that feedback into consideration, I decided to focus on building a pack of Lightroom presets that produced a similar vibe.  The Urban Landscapes Vol. 1 pack features these six hand-crafted Lightroom presets designed to turn your images into moody works of art: Crawl, Grace, Hana, Heads Up, Piano, and SMX.

As the name of the pack suggests, images featuring urban landscapes, architecture and streets heavily influenced the creation of this pack.  However, don’t let that limit your creativity.  Test these presets on anything and everything.  The great thing about presets in Lightroom is that you can make further adjustments to fine tune them to work best on your original images.

The presets are each diverse and unique in their own ways, but still have a similar style.  I’ve included before/after previews of each of the presets below.  I used the same before image on all the previews so you can see the preset differences on the same photo.  The original photo is a little on the cooler side, but I like them that way when going for moodier images.

If you’ve been confused on how photographers have been accomplishing this look and feel on their photos, use the Urban Landscapes Vol. 1 presets as a learning tool.  Feel free to analyze my settings and develop your own twists to create exciting new looks.

Included Presets

Crawl | Grace | Hana | Heads Up | Piano | SMX